2023 – Property Managers Are in High Demand; What It Takes to Be a Good One

There is strong demand for good property managers. Image result for retail proerpty manager

The broad skillset required to be a Property Manager, and their importance to the smooth functioning of the commercial real estate industry, mean good property managers are highly sought after. A good property manager is someone who can multitask and make great connections with a diverse range of people. They can follow tasks through to the end. They need good computer and admin skills, but most important of all, they need good people skills, and be able to communicate with both tenants and landlords effectively.

Successful Property Managers need to be process driven, establish processes for themselves and they need to follow them consistently.  Also, property managers need to stay up to date with the current legislation, particularly since there is so much change going on in the industry.

Property managers make up one of the largest categories on national real estate employment websites, showing just how deep and broad the market is for good property managers… and they’re hard to find. It’s a very robust market for property managers. There’s a lot of demand, particularly with the high levels of investment shifting around within various commercial real estate sectors.

Being a property manager is a great steppingstone into the industry. People often begin their real estate careers in admin roles which provides a good basis from which to learn how the industry works. Becoming an assistant property manager can be a good introduction to the property management role. From there, a candidate can move into property management, and then consider moving on to becoming a senior property manager and overseeing a team. Property managers often come from within other areas of real estate, because they see the role as interesting and challenging, and it can be a way to move into other areas of the CRE industry.