Snow Plowing Keeps Retail Rolling When Winter Weather Strikes


At 1045 our Property Manager pride themselves on providing a clean, safe and inviting shopping experience for all the properties we manage.  Across the northern and middle parts of the United States, business naturally slows down in the wintertime due to cold temperatures and inclement weather. People just don’t feel like going out as much, but to keep our retail shopping centers prospering as much as possible, we make sure we are watching the weather and prioritizing getting lots plowed, snow removed and all things necessary to keep customers safe and happy.

Unfortunately, nothing is a bigger deterrent to in-person shopping than a parking lot or entryway that is packed with slippery snow, ice, and sock-soaking slush. Property Managers need to remember to sign up for regular snow plowing and snow removal services before the snow comes, to ensure that they have parking lot, sidewalks, and entry-ways accounted for when winter rears it’s ugly head.

One of the benefits that we like the most about keeping a parking lot plowed is that it keeps everyone safe. No small box store business owner, franchise owner, or manager wants a prospective customer to slip and fall on their way into the business. Not only will it likely result in a lost customer, but it could result in a legal action too.  Keeping parking lots plowed, sidewalks de-iced, and entryways clear of snow, ice, water, and any other slip hazards is not only good business, but it’s also good manners.